Getting Started

Before you start using the Deplastify calculator, you must ensure you have various types of data about your island. You will need:

  • Metric tonnes of plastic waste generated/found/collected
  • Breakdown by plastic type of plastic waste generated/found/collected (metric tonnes) (optional)
  • Metric tonnes of plastic recycled
  • Distance to nearest fuel-producing country?
  • Maximum land capacity available for new technology (m2)
  • Average price of electricity per kW
  • Energy conversion efficiency* of the fossil fuel power plants on the island? (kWh/Litre fuel)
  • Are there existing policy plans to support the development of plastic transformation technologies?

If you do not know your island’s data, Deplastify suggests you use the Plasteax website, where you may be able to access some waste management and waste management index metrics for questions 1-3 of the calculator.

The tool only generates meaningful results if you input sufficient correct island data. If you want Deplastify to generate a valid/robust report, ensure that you input as much precise data as possible. Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before you proceed.