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A tool to assess state-of-the-art technologies to process non-commercially recyclable plastics waste in SIDS


This tool will

Show you which technologies/processes can convert/use/dispose of non-commercially recyclable plastics in your island

Benchmark and recommend the 3 most suited technologies/processes based on several criteria

How to use Deplastify

  • Have a look at the methodology, criteria and technology page to better understand how Deplastify works

  • When ready, jump to calculator

  • In the Island input data page, you can fill in the island-specific data required to perform the comparative analysis

  • After you inserted the island data, the results of the analysis will be shown in the Dashboard page

  • In the Dashboard page you can change the weighting factors for each of the criteria used in the comparative analysis. The results are shown in a radar diagram which indicates how the 3 technologies scores against each other, and which technology scores best considering their total score

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Why Deplastify?

Over 11 million tonnes of plastic waste enter our ocean every year, making plastic pollution one of the most significant challenges of our time. Islands are particularly vulnerable to the effects of plastic pollution, having to deal with plastic debris that washes ashore from other places and plastic waste they generate themselves. Non-commercially recyclable plastics are not currently dealt with by the waste management on most SIDS, and high volumes are piling up, causing severe environmental issues. There are several innovative technologies that can process the non-commercially recyclable plastic fraction generated in your island.

Deplastify helps you determine which is the most suitable one. This tool compares the feasibility and viability of different technologies by considering multiple technology and island-specific parameters including social, environmental, technical, economic and policy factors. Deplastify makes use of Multi Criteria Analysis to establish a score matrix to compare new technologies against current end-of-life processes (landfill, unregulated dump site or incineration). Read more benefits.

Benefits of processing non-commercially recyclable plastic in SIDS

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce plastic waste

Generate direct and indirect jobs